Twix Picks

Join our server with over 2.5k+ subscribers for the best sports consulting services.

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How to join

1. Join the Twix Picks Discord server

2. Choose subscription

Select which subscription you would like (e.g. Basketball). Weekly and Monthly options are available for all. Daily options are available for Assorted, Hammers and MMA/Boxing only. Please note all plans auto-renew until cancelled

3. Checking out

In the Discord Username section, type in your username exactly as it is on Discord. (e.g. twixpicks). Only put the username text, do not put the hashtag or anything after that. If your username is not correctly inputted you will not be placed in the appropriate channel

Once you checkout, give it a few minutes and you should automatically  see your roles under your name and get access to the respective channels in the Twix Picks Discord

Managing your Subscription

Login to your account at and you can manage your subscriptions there (ie pausing and cancelling them)


Use the coupon code TWIX50 when checking out to get 50% off your first order!! You can only apply this to Daily orders if you subscribe to BOTH hammers and assorted in the day


All plans auto-renew until cancelled (Monthly shown, weekly available, daily available for assorted, hammers and mma/boxing)